R&D System

Over the international company network of Chamambra, two R&D departments are being operated. These are the biophysical (BPD) and the physiological (PSD) researcher sectors which both consist of specialists skilled at harnessing technology in all sorts of conscious ways to be of service to the innovative implementations and development of commercial applications.

The best way to launch unrivalled and trustworthy products is to conduct scientific experiments with the help of which you can make sure of whether the values and the amenities of the product are appropriately implemented.

You may not even realize that your bed is a result of a great amount of diligent laboratory work, you just feel your daily life transforming to a way more energized and effective one. For example, if you are in poor health and suffer from any adverse reactions, you may not even need to consult your doctor if you choose to sleep in the epoch-making Trychalis Euthym orthopedic bed due to its streamlined shape constitution building up your resistance simply by the way it is adapted to the proper lying-on-the-back position of the human body.

The BPD pushes the right buttons with its basic functionality; neutralizing odors, regulating temperature, reducing allergens, absorbing noise in the bed. While the PSD is in charge of newer and newer physiological researches and laboratory works to improve medical applications in products. There are no restrictions on the amount of no-expense-spared biomedical researches to make our product impeccably high tech.

Chamambra took luxury bedding to the next level due to the laboratories of its R&D System and represents itself at the market as a pioneer in the brand new field of high technology luxury bedding whose brainchild is embodied by the BPD and PSD departments.