Chamambra is all about local flavors you would not find anywhere else. Within the uniformity of a globalized world, people want to keep their roots and want products tailored to their needs. They appreciate and buy goods that were specifically conceived for ‘them’. And local products are a source of pride again. The local origin in Chamambra products touch the heart of prospective purchasers.

The far most important elements of Chamambra beds are those exclusive raw materials (strong coir, flax, cashmere, horsetail, supple bamboo, Aloe Vera gel, natural latex) that source from either high quality facilities of our own production or from the most attractive local organic markets.

Specialized segments of the company network are solely responsible for the supply of the finest and the most natural raw materials that give assurance of the healing and pampering effects of Chamambra products.

Without the emphasis on high standard materials, the chances of being a genuine luxury brand would be unthinkable. There’s a yawning gap between using the most reliable and the most carefully chosen raw materials and using the ones that do not give an assurance of being totally healthy when getting in touch with the human body. We use 100% natural fiber and flax, which are renowned for their superior quality around the world.

There’s high effectiveness in applying natural herbs built-in to your bed; they support immunity, boost metabolism, eases digestion and contributes to stress relief, as well as they moisturize the skin, slow wrinkles and nourish the hair when laying on it.

Taking an example, some of our beds are equipped with a special healing elixir, the natural Aloe Vera which is ‘built in’ the mattress structure. We utilize the inner leaf juice – the clear, fleshy portion of the leaf – of the Aloe Vera which is packed with nutrients and very healthy for external consumption and functions as a natural cure with softening, hydrating and embellishing effects to the skin and the hair.

Often take a deep breath and get plenty of rest on your bed to experience your exclusive, built-in natural remedy.