Through an engineer’s eyes, it’s the skill of caring to detail that counts.

Chamambra embraces its cultural heritage.

In days of old, a family of professional engineers started to develop technical appliances for transforming flax into linen by own-constructed weaving machines. They likewise advanced and developed the concept of the machines operating by electricity for producing and assembling components of a certain bedding product. Meanwhile, the family were continuously focused on expanding the realm of textile manufactures, mattress factories and bedding stores all over the world.

To take on the family’s several-generations heritage to establish a realm of high class beds, mattresses and linen characterized by flawless expertise, the family reassembled its powers. The zealous engineer team with profound practical experience soon got to engage in mastering the ancestors’ impeccable work.

A roaring trade that their work soon indicated was the genuine sign of professional spirit, workload and commitment. With a cumulating numbers of factories and international stores to their name and a success story of the same magnitude, all adhering to one common concept of luxury bedding that is both exigent and congenial, notions that the family have instilled to each of their establishments under the Chamambra label.

Chamambra’s official year of establishment is 1982, although the structural basis of expanding the more than 5-generations technology and bedding philosophy to the world had conceived more hundred years before.

Since that, Chamambra is committed to create profound value, products that last (LBPP – Lifelong Bedding Product Project) and are based on the concept of ecological sustainability through environmental consciousness concerning the origin and high quality of the materials. Chamambra utilize materials that are like no other in their category.

Chamambra is committed to tick all the boxes; to fulfill every bed concept and sleeping need no matter how tailored the product is required to be.