Firm and durable bench to place to the end of your bed, made of whole-natural pinewood, chipboard and sheets of paper cardboard. The frame of the wood components includes different types of sizes: width (380 mm), depth (360 mm) and length (1380 mm).

To make it more plush and luxurious, 5 cm comfort foam layer is built between the outer layer of wood and fabric.

The fabric used in the upholstery is a Cortina Linaire special textile containing flex. It is the melange of many different types of fabrics for the effect of durability and comfortable touch. Sewn edges at all sides and 4 pieces of black plastic triangle feet (20 mm).



The beauty of being timeless means your that Chamambra bed has the ability to transcend fashions, styles, attributes and Zeitgeists in décor while being equally at home within a modern or a traditionally dressed room or space.