A break from one-for-all products

A Chamambra bed is much more than something to sleep in. It is a piece of furniture that was created to correspond with the person’s concept of living through fulfilling all the desires.

In an increasingly hectic world, we inevitably long for a personal security zone to escape from the rat race. We need to revert every night to the wholehearted oasis of peace and pure rejuvenation. We need to indulge ourselves flawlessly without any tension in our matchlessly comfortable Chamambra beds.

For more and more people, the bed is a kind of expression of identity, beyond mere functionality. Therefore, it is crucial that the mattress, border and head-board fabrics and design stand out and differentiate one bedding concept from another.

In addition, a cumulative number of prospective customers want more than a simple, price-consciously picked bed.

People tend to long for the knowledge of the company’s beliefs. Its determinant philosophy. The paramount idea that sparkled up and gave birth to the implementation of the company and the brand. The historic background and chronology behind the product they buy.

What makes the item special? Where does the concept came from? What innovative ideas lie behind the product? How determined are the team the company was conceived by?

Chamambra’s aim is to gain customers that are looking for something different by giving answer to these questions.